Wooden kitchen worktops needing an overhaul?

My sister’s two-year-old beech kitchen worktops were looking a bit worse for wear – lots of dark rings left by hot cups and glasses of red wine, and it seemed the more she scrubbed, the worse they looked.

So when I went to visit her, I got to work. Using a damp green scourer I rubbed a little neat washing up liquid into the stains. Indeed I did the whole surface, then rinsed it well and dried. Much better!

Then I lightly rubbed it all over with some very fine sandpaper (in the direction of the grain) before applying a thin film of oil. I made up a solution with one part boiled linseed oil – from most hardware shops – mixed with two parts spirit. Best to do this before going to bed so the oil soaks in overnight.

Thin film, remember – too little is way better than too much.

If there’s any still sitting on the surface in the morning, wipe with a dry, lint-free cloth.