Bathroom hygiene tips

Always use separate cleaning cloths for the bathroom so there’s no chance for germs to cross-contaminate any other room. After every use, wash and dry cloths – don’t leave them scrunched up behind the taps.

Get everyone to use their own towel and facecloth – no sharing – as infections, especially skin problems, can spread quickly.

There are many different ways of cleaning the loo pan, but a brush is my least favourite – they give me the heebie-jeebies. I much prefer to put on my ‘bathroom’ rubber gloves, sprinkle around some disinfectant, rub away with some kitchen paper (don’t forget under the rim…scary what you can find there!), then stick this in the bin outside (never flush away kitchen roll or baby wipes – they can easily block your loo).  

And don’t forget to wipe the handle!