Barbecues made easy

Don’t avoid barbecuing because of the clean-up operation afterwards. Make it easy: use a hot strong solution of soda crystals (a cup to 500ml water) – and be all set for the next time the sun shows its face!

Don’t get stuck ever again

There are many different ways to loosen the lid of a jar that refuses to open. My favourite (and works every time) is to knock the edge of the lid in a couple of places against a hard surface. Hey presto – you can open it easily now!

Don’t fade away…

If a black item has faded in colour over a number of washes, chances are it’s due to a build-up of detergent residue rather than actual loss of dye. To sort this, soak the item for a few hours in warm water with a little clear vinegar added, rinse and wash in the machine as normal.