Tupperware all stained?

Try wiping with kitchen paper moistened with cooking oil, then wash in hot soapy water. Or wipe with lemon juice, a natural bleaching agent, leave a few minutes then wash off.

Fly marks on lampshades?

If flies have left marks on lampshades, run a warm bath and add washing powder. Soap the surface and rub stains from both sides with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Rinse, attach string to the holder and drip-dry over the bath. Finish with a hairdryer.

The grot behind that fridge…

We’re supposed to pull out the fridge regularly to clean behind, but how many of us do? Compromise by covering a broom handle with a damp cloth, secure with a rubber band and have a good old delve – you’ll be amazed at what you unearth.

Look after your piano

If you have a piano worth looking after, position it away from heat, and keep the lid closed to stop dust getting inside. Ivory keys naturally yellow over time; newer keys will be plastic. Either way, clean with a just-damp chamois leather.