Honey, honey

That jar of honey hiding at the back of your kitchen cupboard will never go off, but it may have crystallised. Return it to a nice runny consistency by sticking in the microwave on medium for a minute or so (remember to remove any metal lid first!).

Time to get steamy!

A steam cleaner is more relevant than ever. There’s nothing like a good burst of scalding steam to give you the feeling that every last trace of germy grime is being shifted. I tried out the Thane H20 HD steam cleaner—it’s proven to kill 99 percent of germs, is suitable for both hard surfaces and carpets (as well as a great garment steamer)—and was very impressed with the results. It can be converted from hand held to full height in seconds and costs £99.96; available from https://h2o-hd.thanedirect.co.uk.

When your soft brown sugar is hard…

Isn’t it annoying when you’re in the mood to bake, go to the brown sugar packet and it’s rock hard! Prevent this by decanting the sugar the day you buy it into a plastic container and pop in a couple of marshmallows to preserve softness.

Cover all bases

Next time you’re washing upholstery covers, put them back on while still very slightly damp (say, before you go to bed) – this will ease shaping and reduce shrinkage.

G&T tip

If you enjoy a G&T, keep lemon slices in the freezer. Wash and slice a couple of fruits, spread on a tray, freeze and bag up. Now you’ll always be at the ready and your drink will also be cooled!

Don’t ever be stuck

Most of us stack tumblers, but what if one gets stuck inside another? Don’t struggle and risk breakage. Put ice cubes into the inner glass and dip the outer one into a bowl of warm water. The outer one will expand, the inner will contract and they’ll separate easily.

Barbecues made easy

Don’t avoid barbecuing because of the clean-up operation afterwards. Make it easy: use a hot strong solution of soda crystals (a cup to 500ml water) – and be all set for the next time the sun shows its face!