Gorgeous gardening gloves

Ultimax pink gardening gloves – they’re snug, hard-wearing and super-comfortable.

With textured padded palms for improved grip and stretch elastene backs to allow the hands to breathe, they double up as my cycling gloves!

£15.99 from www.townandco.com

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It’s Wednesday so let’s get some energy in our bodies – and stretch with Aggie MacKenzie’s Isolation Yoga

Hello, it’s Aggie MacKenzie,

I know that I’m known as a Cleaning Queen [!!!] but I also have a second string to my bow – I’m a qualified yoga teacher!

So I’ve made a video which I hope you find easy and useful – and if you like it, I’ll make some more – so don’t forget to click on like so I can see that you do 🙂

So, it’s Wednesday and today’s exercise is to get energy into your body and help you get ready for the day ahead.

Keep safe – Aggie

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I love my

Trouble bending over?

Laundry on Legs could help.

This laundry basket with push buttons releases legs that pop out, setting the basket at the right height for hanging washing; legs retract for storage. £18.99 from Lakeland.co.uk.