Damp dog and your car?

Does the inside of your car need a major freshen-up after a damp dog has had a ride?

Sort the problem in no time by wiping the air vents with a few drops of your favourite essential oil.

Save on washing detergent

If you live in a hard water area and add 100g of soda crystals to your washload, you can reduce the amount of detergent to the guidelines for soft water.

It also helps prevent limescale build-up and lessens the risk of machine breakdown). 

How to soften stiff towels

You’re probably using too much detergent, and it’s not being rinsed properly.

Try running a few clean towels, without detergent, on the rinse programme and see how many suds are there!

If so, use less detergent from now on.

Keep your baby clothes soft

Good old vinegar: its uses are seemingly endless. If you have a baby in the house, add a cup of clear distilled vinegar to each load of baby clothes during the rinse cycle.

The vinegar will naturally break down any traces of uric acid and soapy residue, and will leave the clothes feeling soft and smelling fresh.

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