Vacuum cleaner got sluggish?

If your vacuum cleaner isn’t doing its job as well as usual, check the hose for blockages: disconnect it and drop a coin down. If the coin comes out the other end, it’s not the hose to blame!

Take to the bottle

Do you have clothes that smell musty? Or soft furnishings that reek of cigarette smoke? Get them fresh again by pouring some neat vodka into a spray bottle, spritz your item lightly and leave to dry. Any odours should be neutralized, and it’s cheaper than a trip to the dry cleaner!

Get set now!

I love making jam and now it’s chutney time, the preserving continues. The best way of reducing time/faff/question marks over setting is with a Thermapen (jam is set at 105C). They’re not cheap – from £36; – but are professional quality, super-quick and dead accurate. A great present for a jam-maker.

The best glue you can find

I’d never come across Gorilla Glue before – a handyman friend told me about it. He’s never without a bottle as it’s super-strong and works on virtually anything. As the label says, put it to the test (always using much less than you think; it expands a lot) and you’ll stick with it for life! From Homebase and B&Q.