Don’t get stuck

If the nonstick coating on your favourite frying pan has deteriorated, you can’t renew it: the cost makes it impractical. Although a worn nonstick surface loses its effectiveness, it’s still safe: the coating is inert and won’t harm you.

Launching Aggie MacKenzie – Online Yoga

This Episode is to relax your Spine and Shoulders

Clever steak trick

Turn a steak into a melt-in-the-mouth treat by marinating in a little whisky for a couple of hours. The alcohol will break down the connective tissue and render it tender!

No fleas on you

If you have a cat that’s susceptible to fleas (or intruding cats via the flap!), put a flea collar at the bottom of your vacuum cleaner bag to prevent them from nesting.

On the fringe…

When you’re vacuuming a rug with fringes, don’t go back and forwards as the fringes will get stuck. Instead, pull the nozzle back towards yourself each time.