Wallpaper marks?

For greasy stains on wallpaper, fold a sheet of brown paper in two and hold it over the mark. Run a warm iron over; the grease will be drawn into the paper. Repeat until the stain is gone, repositioning the paper each time so a fresh part collects the grease.  Wall

In a vacuum

Ever tempted to reuse vacuum cleaner bags? It’s probably not a good idea (unless the maker says it’s okay) because with repeated use they become porous and don’t trap dust properly.

Clear windows!

Always clean your windows on a dull day as sunlight will dry them too quickly and then you’re left with those smears. If you have black mould growing in the corners, clean with an old toothbrush and diluted bleach.

Zip it!

If you have a zip that’s not running as smoothly as it should, rub with a bar of soap or candlewax to help get it moving more easily. And always fully do up the zip on a garment before you put it in the washing machine.

Keep black clothes looking good

Isn’t it annoying when dark-coloured clothes start losing dye in the wash? Keep black items looking good by adding two cups of black tea to the rinse cycle. For colours such as navy or plum, add a handful of salt to the rinse cycle

Brighten up yellowing whites

Brighten up cotton items that are yellowing by soaking them in hot water and the juice of a couple of lemons rather than household bleach. They’ll smell nicer and the lemon juice will be less harsh on the fibres.

Shiny shoes

If your leather shoes need a shine and you’ve no shoe polish, spray a quick squirt of furniture polish onto a soft cotton cloth, rub the shoes with it and buff well to bring out the sheen.