Avoid washing disasters…

Reds and pinks often bleed colour in the first few washes, so do them separately or with other reds. To test for colourfastness, wet a small hidden patch and press an old white cloth against it. If the dye transfers, wash separately!

Easy way to keep drains clear…

If you’re fond of bath oils and body products, your bathroom drain probably gets blocked now and again. Enzyme cleaning sticks will see to that: friendly bacteria contained in them dissolve fats and soapy residue. Pop one down your plughole monthly to keep drains free-flowing. £7.99 for 12 from Lakeland.

Rust on your rotary drier?

If you have a rotary drier, it’s a good idea to apply a spot of 3-in-One oil to the moving parts every few months. If rust develops, rub down to the bare metal with wire wool and apply a coat of outdoor paint.

Blocked nose every morning?

Do you often wake up with a blocked nose? Rather than a cold, it could well be down to a dust mite allergy. Vacuum both your mattress and under the bed often, and wash bedlinen at 50 degrees. Use anti-allergen covers on pillows.