For fluffier egg whites…

Top tip from leading patissier Eric Lanlard: by adding a teaspoon of caster sugar to the bowl before you start whisking egg whites, the whites will instantly liquefy and they’ll whip up much more quickly!

It’s a corker!

I love a glass of fizz, and as it’s my birthday today I’ll be indulging. The only problem is, the older I get, the more difficulty I have getting the cork out. No more: with VacuVin’s champagne (and prosecco and cava) opener, £3.50 from, you sink its claws into the cork and, with an almost effortless twist, out it pops!

A diamond tip!

If you have a cupboardful of denture cleaning tablets, drop a tablet into a glass of water, and any of your diamond jewellery. Let it sit for a few minutes, remove, rinse and admire the sparkling results!