Make-up landed on the carpet?

How often has your mascara or lipstick just leapt from your hand and landed on the (beige of course) carpet?

Speed is of the essence here. I swear by Boots Cucumber make-up remover wipes, but if you don’t have any to hand, mix some clear vinegar with double quantity warm water and dab, dab, dab (don’t rub as you could damage the pile) from the outside in.

How to avoid those marks on the loo bowl…

I have a little tip from my son Ewan, and it’s genius! I don’t know about the bowel activities of the men in anyone else’s life, but how can I say this delicately? No, there is no way…just need to be direct.

When Ewan goes for a sit-down session, he first lays down about 3-4 sheets of loo paper on top of the water. Then he goes into action and, post-flush, there are no stains left behind because everything has landed on the paper!

Bless him, he told a visiting pal to follow his instructions…and the pal was very impressed!

How big is your handbag?

In my old age, I’ve discovered the secret to a tidy handbag…make sure it’s a smallish one.

The bigger the bag, the more you stuff into it (‘Just in case…’) and the harder it is to find anything.

When I use a smaller bag, somehow or other I always manage (and can find things much more easily).

Always close the loo lid after using…

That nasty statistic about faecal matter and toothbrushes is correct!

If your loo and bath/sink are in the same area, make sure you put the lid down at strategic times (you know what I mean).

I remember from my days on How Clean is your House? the microbiologist telling me how risky it is keeping toothbrushes out on surfaces near a lavatory pan…yes, you’ve guessed: faecal matter can being aerated and travel a good five feet away, landing on any surface around that distance.

And then we wonder why we have an upset tummy. Horrid thought!

A mark on your lovely wooden floor?

If your wooden floor gets a water (or other) stain, it can spoil the whole look of the place.

There’s no easy way around this – you’ll need to sand the area and apply a wood stain of the same colour over the top.

It can be difficult to judge since different woods take stains in different ways. Any stain you use should be applied in the direction of the grain.

Also, don’t overdo it – much better to apply a little at a time and wait until dry before you think of adding a further coat. Incidentally, it’s worth having a go first with cold black tea.

Never pour fat down your sink…

If you’re cooking a roast, never be tempted to tip the fat down the sink – it’s bound to solidify and block the drainer (and lamb fat is the worst).

If some fat does inadvertently go down the sink drainer and things slow up, here’s what you need to do.

Put a handful of washing soda crystals over the opening and pour a kettleful of boiling water over it.

t the same time get a plunger and have a good old go…chances are you will clear the blockage in no time and everything will be free-flowing once more.

Sort your wardrobe!

Less is definitely more – I find if I have too much stuff in there, some of my favourite bits get hidden, forgotten and unworn – not the point.

Work out a system that’s good for you. Perhaps have all skirts together, all trousers together and so on.

For dresses, either colour-code or divide into casual/work/evening.

Treat yourself to some nice hangers (IKEA do wooden ones really cheaply) and hang items individually, with buttons and zips fastened (that way items will retain their shape better).

Keep moths away with Zensect Hanging Moth Proofer, but make sure everything you hang is clean as well.

How to clean your fridge

Unplug it and pull from the wall.

Remove all food and put in a cool place.

Take out shelves and drawers and wash in hot soapy water. Rinse and dry.

Wipe the interior including the roof with a clean cotton cloth rinsed out in hot water with a little washing-up liquid.

Run the cloth between the folds of the door seal – much grot lies there! – then wipe the outside.

Check the condenser coil at the back for clumps of dust – vacuum any away.

Reconnect fridge, push back, return shelves, drawers and food.