Dog hairs that are stuck solid to the car boot carpet

Use the upholstery nozzle on the vacuum. Then to save your sanity in future, invest in a protective bootliner.

Over The Top Textiles ( make a whole range, including flat mats for the floor and seat protectors.

Keep kitty off your kitchen counter!

When I worked on How Clean is your House? I became all too aware of the dangers of letting your pets up on kitchen work surfaces.

Think about it: your cat comes from its litter tray (we all know what’s in there), hops up on to the surface (pad, pad, pad), then a little later along comes someone to make a sandwich.

You get the picture. Discourage this behaviour from day one!

Home remedies for pet hair

If pet hairs are driving you to distraction, there are a few simple remedies that work well.

Put on a rubber glove, run your hand under the tap then wipe over the area with the wet glove; rinse under the tap.

Otherwise use a well-wrung-out chamois leather, dragging the cloth towards you to gather up all the pet hair.

If the levels are a bit overwhelming, you probably need to get a specially made vacuum for the job. I can recommend the Miele Cat & Dog.

When your kitty has an accident on the carpet…

First scoop up the mess with kitchen roll and wash the carpet with a mild (animal-friendly of course!) detergent.

Then sprinkle the spot with lots of bicarbonate of soda, leave overnight, brush up the bulk of it then takes the vacuum over the rest.

There will be no mark and no smell.

Large black streaks on gold metallic pumps

You need Woly Combi Proper, around £4 – it’s a general purpose foam cleaner, which should remove the rubber scuffmarks and it can be used on leather, suede and fabric. Apply with a sponge or cloth and gently rub over the whole surface of the shoe, but concentrating on the marked area.

Allow to dry; no need to rinse.

Dealing with hairs of the dog…

Do your have a dog or cat you love, but would love even more if it didn’t shed quite so much hair around the house?

Try Furminator Deshedding Ultra Premium Conditioner next time you’re bathing your pet. The conditioner contains omega 3 and six fatty acids, chamomile extract and aloe vera (and no parabens or dyes).

It conditions the coat, releases the undercoat during the bath and help protect against excessive shedding.

For use on dogs and cats over six weeks old; £9.99 from Pets At Home.

Keep your glasses clear

You know that bloom that appears on glasses after a few months of dishwashing?

I’ve seen various suggested remedies to remove this, but so far none has worked for me. Once the glass is spoiled, you have no choice but to either put up with it or bin it.

So always wash any more precious glasses by hand.

Over the past year or so, though, I have found that placing my everyday glasses on the upper shelf of the machine has kept them lovely and clear.

So far.

No more laundry accidents

I’ve always been a fan of those disposable laundry sheets you stick into a mixed wash to stop colours from running into each other, and to keep the whites white – great for students and households with smaller washloads.

Dr Beckmann has gone one better with a reuseable colour collector.

It’s a piece of white towelling that works in the same way, picking up all the loose bits of colour and dirt –  and can be used up to 30 times.

Around £3 from supermarkets.