Save time cleaning

Store all your cleaning stuff in one bucket and to carry it around with you when you are doing your chores.

This way you’ll avoid time-wasting trips up and down stairs searching for this duster, that disinfectant, those wipes, etc.

Best way to vacuum?

When vacuuming, move furniture around as little as possible: eg tip a chair back instead of moving it then having to move it back again.

Vacuum systematically so you don’t waste time going over the same area more than once.

If a certain area needs extra attention, vacuum more slowly rather than speed up (go quickly over little-used areas). 

Best way to dust?

When you’re dusting, it’s always better to go from top to bottom.

Dust falls with gravity and so clean high shelving, lampshades and curtain poles first.

Work your way down and save vacuuming till last.

The wonders of WD-40

It’s amazing stuff and I’m never without a can under the sink. Not only for squeaky hinges, it’s just the job for loads of stain removal problems.

For example, apart from cleaning your bike and tools, removing grease, lubricating locks, hinges and all moving parts, it will remove paint, gum (from hair or carpet), rubber adhesive, stickers, rust stains and scuff marks.

It’ll also lubricate sticky drawers and clean crayon from walls. Almost as indispensable as vinegar!

In warmer weather, how to keep pests out of the house

Keep food covered, and preferably in the fridge.

Wrap rubbish well and dispose in sealed bags. Keep lids on bins and away from windows.

Keep sink wastes and drains clean and clear.

Clean up food spills and crumbs immediately.

Vacuum regularly, including under and behind furniture.

Clean up after pets.

Turn out kitchen cupboards every few months to check for food moths.

Keep gutters and chimneys clear to prevent birds nesting and insects breeding.

Keep your pillows fresh!

It’s estimated that up to 10 per cent of a pillow’s weight is made up of sweat, skin flakes, dandruff, saliva…enough said!

Check the label for wash instructions (most pillows nowadays are machine-washable) and put two at a time in the machine.

Get them out on the line early on a hot day and they’ll be ready to rest your head on by the evening.

Sweet dreams!