Hold back on over-polishing!

Here’s some good news: you only need polish your cherished wooden furniture with beeswax once or twice a year, otherwise the polish builds up and makes the surface sticky (which attracts dirt).

Check by running your fingers across the surface: if it smears, you’re using too much. After you apply the wax, allow it to dry before buffing to get a better shine (it’ll be less effort too, always a good thing).

Don’t use spray polish or anything with added silicones. They do give instant shine and make the surface easier to buff, but the film doesn’t fill in scratches or other blemishes in the way that wax does. Also the solvents in the spray can soften underlying layers of wax and, if used too often, make the surface sticky (and sometimes turn milky, for which there’s no cure, short of stripping and resurfacing).

For everyday dusting, wipe over with a barely damp duster (that way the dust will cling to the cloth rather than fly around and land elsewhere).

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