Stop your whites going grey

The usual reason whites end up grey is dye transferring from a non-fast colour, so always wash whites with whites. If you have white towels or sheets with a coloured detail, add a Spotless Colour Catcher sheet to your usual detergent. These hold on to any loose dye.

Use detergent containing brightening agents, such as Ariel, at the full recommended dose and the hottest temperature on the label. If you hang your washing on the line, keep the whites away from direct sunlight and take inside as soon as they are dry, as UV from sunlight can cause yellowing.

If you live in a hard water area and use insufficient detergent, mineral deposits can build up and cause greyness over time.

To restore whiteness, rewash using the maximum dose of detergent and wash temperature. You may have to first soak the load in a water softener such as Calgon. Don’t overload the machine. In very hard water areas, carry out an idle wash periodically with detergent and no clothes, to help reduce scale build-up.

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