Mildew spots on leather gloves

Gently rub off the surface mould with a soft cloth – do this outside so you don’t inhale spores. If it has penetrated and stained the leather, hold each glove over a boiling kettle (wear oven gloves for protection) and allow the steam to penetrate the leather – the heat will kill the spores and stop them spreading. Then wash the gloves (most are made of washable leather, but check instructions) in a lukewarm solution of soapflakes as described below to try to remove any staining.

Put on your gloves, immerse in the solution and rub your hands gently together to remove dirt, then rinse well. Take off and press between towels to remove excess moisture. Allow to dry naturally at room temperature (not on a radiator). As they are drying, gently stretch them until almost dry, then put on your hands to restore the shape.

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