Aggie MacKenzie – Channel 5 – 8 pm Sunday 22nd March 2020

Aggie MacKenzie presents this groundbreaking documentary on Channel 5 – 8pm Sunday 22nd March 2020.

At a time when Britain has never been so health conscious, this programme tests just how clean our homes really are and shows how to battle that bacteria with a proper deep clean. 

We might think our homes are spotless but a closer look will expose the hordes of bacteria and germs lurking everywhere we touch.  Many kitchen sinks contain more bacteria than toilets and the truth about pillows is truly horrifying! 

We’ll show the shocking truth that lurks beneath, looking in every nook and cranny to expose the dirty truth – from rotting food buried under the fridge to the piles of dust and grime on top of cupboards. 

In this one-off documentary, cleaning experts and scientists reveal what is hiding in plain sight in our kitchens, bedrooms, lounges and bathrooms.  The experts will be led by hygiene expert Aggie MacKenzie, micro-biologist professor Val Edwards-Jones, and GP Dr Amir Khan

They will show the best ways to tackle bacteria, which methods and products are the most effective and why.  Dr Amir will explain what these potentially harmful germs do and how they can make us ill.  

As the team work their way around a family home there’ll be cleaning tips and useful hacks to wipe out those lingering germs. 

How To Deep Clean Your Home, on Channel 5, Sunday 22nd March at 8pm – produced by Mentorn Media part of the Tinopolis Group