How to begin the decluttering process

HThe things we have around us have an unconscious weight to them – the more we own, the more that can pull us down. Clutter is energy-depleting. If it all seems too much of a mountain to climb, start in a small area such as the bathroom, and go through everything ruthlessly, with fresh eyes, including the airing cupboard if it’s there. Really look at all the stuff that just sits there from one month to the next, taking up space. As you go through things one by one, keep asking yourself: do I really need this? Will I really use this? Do I really love this? Once you start, and see the surfaces clearing and space being freed up, you’ll feel the benefits, be lighter in yourself and energized to carry on.

Take as much as you can to your local charity shop – that will lessen any feelings of guilt. By giving something away, you will be restoring it to a new place and giving it a new life.

Sentimental items can be hard to part with. Just be selective. Instead of hanging on to boxes of old photos, for instance, pick out your favourites, frame them and display! Then be brave and ditch any duplicates or those that are not really special.

Face up to your fears of letting go. Nothing bad will happen, and trust this!