Don’t let your drains get blocked!

It’s easy to forget about drains…until they get blocked or damaged. Chances are your household insurance will cover you, but prevention is always better than cure.

Here are a few tips:

don’t pour any cooking fat down the sink – it can harden and you risk clogging drains.

Clean off as much grease as you can with kitchen paper before washing up.

Ditto paint or paint thinners – take them to your recycling centre instead of putting down the sink.

In the bathroom, flush only loo paper – never baby wipes; they cause thousands of blockages a year (always check the pack).

In the bath, a drain screen will stop hair and other solids escaping down the plughole.

Outside, check gutters are not clogged with leaves.

Once a fortnight, chase a handful of soda crystals down the plughole with a kettle of boiling water to keep everything healthy.