A subscriber asks – The clothes are wet and full of mould

Hi Aggie, I hope you can help me. I found a bag of my summer clothes in my loft that were leaning against a stone wall. The clothes are wet and full of mould. Can you advise how I can remove the mould? Will it be killed by the washing machine? Many thanks in advance. Kathryn Douglas

Hi Kathryn
Sorry for the delay in replying. If you’ve not already done so, anything that can normally be put in the washing machine should go in there, and the mould spores will be removed.
However I’m pretty sure that the mould stains won’t come out.  The only thing that will remove those is a bleach-based product.  And you should only use bleach on whites as if used on coloureds they will remove the colour.
If I were you I\d probably chuck the whole bag out and look at getting the loft waterproofed.
Wish you well,

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