How to clean a coconut-fibre doormat

Take it outside on a sunny day, turn upside down, bash with a broom then flip over and vacuum. Repeat until you’ve removed the loose dirt then give it a scrub with a stiff brush and warm soapy water. Hose down and leave to dry.


Washing machine not taking all the powder from the drawer?

Check you’re storing it properly – it’ll be sticky or hard if damp. If it’s okay, the drawer’s water jets may be blocked. A water softener (eg Calgon) will help protect the heating element and other parts, but won’t stop limescale forming on the jets if you have hard water. To clean, mix equal parts clear vinegar and water. Remove drawer and scrub the solution on to the compartment roof, then run an idle wash (empty drum, hottest programme, maximum dose detergent).

How to make tarnished cutlery shine again!

If you’ve been storing away stainless steel cutlery for a while, it may have tarnished. And guess what – vinegar won’t shift the tarnish! What you need is special metal cleaner such as Maas Metal Polish from Lakeland. It’s not cheap (£12.99) but a tube will last for ages and, most importantly, will work!