The perfect bath

If you have any rust marks on your enamel bath, rub with salt and lemon juice, then rinse.

Now bicarb comes in liquid form

Bicarbonate of soda is a superb cleaner, and now available in a thick liquid form. It’s perfume-free and mildly abrasive for deep cleaning, but won’t scratch any surface. DP Liquid Bicarb, £1.99, from good independent shops.

Smarter packing

If you’re venturing on a holiday this year, roll up clothes and get far more in the suitcase. If you unpack straight away, the wrinkles are usually minimal. Any that appear can be dealt with by hanging garments in the bathroom – steam soon smoothes everything out!

Freezer alert!

If your freezer is kept in the shed or garage, coat the outside with a layer of wax polish. This’ll help stop it being affected by damp, mould or rust marks.

Furniture dent in the carpet?

Ryan Christodoulou

Ryan Christodoulou

Pour a little warm water into the dip and gently tease up with pile with the tines of a fork.

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Keep your pillows fresh!

It’s estimated that up to 10 per cent of a pillow’s weight is made up of sweat, skin flakes, dandruff, saliva…enough said!

Check the label for wash instructions (most pillows nowadays are machine-washable) and put two at a time in the machine.

Get them out on the line early on a hot day and they’ll be ready to rest your head on by the evening.

Sweet dreams!

How often to change your sheets?

Quite honestly, it’s down to personal preference. I’d say the generally accepted timescale is once a week, but if you leave it longer it won’t make you ill unless you suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems.

The longer the sheets are left, the denser the dust mite numbers, which means higher quantities of their faeces, which is what can trigger an asthma attack.

Also, to keep dust mites down, don’t make the bed as soon as you get up, because if you do they’ll carry on breeding in the warm and humid atmosphere.

Much better to pull back the covers and open a window to lower the temperature – that way you’ll reduce the population.

Oops – baby oil’s been splashed on a painted bedroom wall!

Wash the surface with warm soapy water and seal the stained area with Polycell Stain Stop (1 litre treats up to 9sq m).

This dries to form a barrier between the stain and the new paint and will stop the oil bleeding through. If you don’t seal the stain, the oil will come through, no matter how many layers of paint you apply. When you apply the Stain Stop, cover a slightly larger area than the stain.

When it’s dry, repaint the whole wall.

Perk up your patio

Get outside surfaces such as patios, decking, walls and garage doors looking as good as new with a jet power hose.

If you don’t own one, perhaps arrange with some neighbours to share costs and hire one for the weekend?  It’s a job that needs to be done about once a year and worth shelling out for.