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G&T tip

If you enjoy a G&T, keep lemon slices in the freezer. Wash and slice a couple of fruits, spread on a tray, freeze and bag up. Now you’ll always be at the ready and your drink will also be cooled!

Don’t ever be stuck

Most of us stack tumblers, but what if one gets stuck inside another? Don’t struggle and risk breakage. Put ice cubes into the inner glass and dip the outer one into a bowl of warm water. The outer one will expand, the inner will contract and they’ll separate easily.

Barbecues made easy

Don’t avoid barbecuing because of the clean-up operation afterwards. Make it easy: use a hot strong solution of soda crystals (a cup to 500ml water) – and be all set for the next time the sun shows its face!

Don’t get stuck ever again

There are many different ways to loosen the lid of a jar that refuses to open. My favourite (and works every time) is to knock the edge of the lid in a couple of places against a hard surface. Hey presto – you can open it easily now!

Don’t fade away…

If a black item has faded in colour over a number of washes, chances are it’s due to a build-up of detergent residue rather than actual loss of dye. To sort this, soak the item for a few hours in warm water with a little clear vinegar added, rinse and wash in the machine as normal.

Now bicarb comes in liquid form

Bicarbonate of soda is a superb cleaner, and now available in a thick liquid form. It’s perfume-free and mildly abrasive for deep cleaning, but won’t scratch any surface. DP Liquid Bicarb, £1.99, from good independent shops.